Start A Clothing Brand With Print-On-Demand

Starting a clothing brand used to be somewhat risky, with high startup costs due to inventory and overhead requirements. However, this is no longer the case because of the evolution in printing technology and methodologies. With dropshipping and print-on-demand, printshops like us can help you quickly launch your custom clothing brand. Continue reading to learn how to make your mark in the clothing and apparel market with our step-by-step guide on starting your custom clothing brand with Printwell’s customizable apparel collection.

Starting A Clothing Brand Is Simple With E-commerce

Does starting your clothing brand or simply creating swag for your business without worrying about logistics, warehousing, inventory and, most importantly, without any commitment sound like something up your alley? With Printwell, you can quickly sell custom apparel and accessories without doing any of the heavy lifting!

This Is How Print-On-Demand Works:

1: Pick & Personalize

Look through our products and choose the ones that spark your joy!

2: Create your designs!

Whatever your style is, you need to add your designs to your selected products!

3: Confidently Sell

Now that your designs have been created, you need to list them on your online store and start selling them!

4: Leave the rest to us

Every time you sell a product, we will handle the production and logistical side of getting the products into the hands of your clients.

Benefits of Dropshipping/ Printing On Demand

Cost Efficient

With Dropshipping, you remove all of the financial obstacles that come with managing your inventory and overhead.

You Are Your Boss

Work on your terms and conditions. No Commitments.

Risk-Free Scalability

Test the waters before scaling up and keep the risks minimal.

How To Start A Clothing Brand With Print-On-Demand

Step 1-Create Your Brand Identity

What is the vision? What are you trying to tell your customers? You will need to start thinking about your tone, vibe and a brand name that resonates with your audience. Use tools like Google Trends to stay on top of the latest trends and find your niche!

Step 2- Choose Your Print-On-Demand Partner

Choosing a Printshop like Printwell as your partner will provide you with everything you need to make your brand a reality without the traditional barriers to entry involved in starting your clothing line or swag for your current business.

Step 3- Take A Look At Printing Techniques

Different designs will require you to look at different printing techniques. You will get to choose from methods like:

Screen Printing:

Great if you want vibrant colours and will be ordering in bulk.

Heat Transfers:

Perfect for small batches and complex designs.

Direct-To Garment:

Wonderful for detailed, eye-popping colours.

Direct To Film:

An excellent choice for durable, high-quality prints.


Provides a premium feel that is textured.

You can get in touch with us to see which methods would be more appropriate for your vision.

Step 4- Design your Collection.

Show your creativity by taking a look at inspirations and then applying some of your ideas by playing with colours, typography, mockups, templates and more! Use the tools at your disposal to bring your idea to life! Once you are happy with it, we recommend you order a sample to know what you will send to your clients.

Step 5- Choose Your Sales Channels

Where and how you sell is just as important as how you sell!

Step 6- Create Your Online Store

Your website is just as important as the products. You must set up your E-commerce shop to start selling and fulfilling orders.

Step 7- Marketing Your Brand

Use digital marketing strategies to grow your brand and engage with your audience. Create a social media presence, start email marketing, and consider partnering with relevant influencers in your niche.

Most Popular Print-On-Demand Products

  • T-shirts: A universal canvas for expressing creativity.
  • Hoodies: Comfort meets style in this wardrobe staple.
  • Posters: Artistic expressions that adorn walls.
  • Mugs: Morning brews in mugs that speak personality.
  • Embroidered Items: Elegance woven into fabric.

Interested To Start A Clothing Brand?

Let’s connect! Setting up a shop with Printwell will allow you to sell custom apparel quickly. Choose us as your partner, and let’s set you up on the path to success!

How Businesses Can Use Puff Embroidery to ‘Wow’ Clients

Harnessing the Power of Puff Embroidery: See How Businesses Can Use Puff Embroidery

In business, first impressions matter; design plays an instrumental role in forming such impressions. Unique to this is puff embroidery – an innovative and distinctive design technique that allows businesses to capture their clients’ attention and admiration. Read this blog to learn how businesses can use puff embroidery to impress clients.

Understanding Puff Embroidery

What is puff embroidery? Puff embroidery, or 3D embroidery, is a unique technique used in decorative stitching. Placing a piece of foam under the top stitch during embroidery gives your design an eye-catching, raised 3D effect. The result? A stunning finish that adds a tactile element to your merchandise, transforming ordinary items into extraordinary conversation starters.

The Magic of 3D Puff Embroidery

3D puff embroidery is the next stage, highlighting the puffed effect to create more visually appealing and tactile designs. Unlike traditional embroidery, this technique uses a base layer of foam to give the design a three-dimensional look that effectively grabs attention and makes a statement.

The Digitizing Process

So, how do you digitize 3D puff embroidery? The digitizing process involves converting your 2D digital design into a stitchable embroidery format. This process requires specialized software that translates your image into an accurate stitch path for the embroidery machine. For 3D puff embroidery, this digitizing process needs further calibration. The software must direct the device to embroider over a piece of foam, ensuring that the stitches are tight enough to cut the foam into the shape of the design. This digitization creates a dramatic, raised effect that makes 3D puff embroidery so distinctive.

Items Best Suited to Puff Embroidery

The beauty of puff embroidery lies in its versatility; you can use it on a wide range of items – from uniforms, aprons, and company shirts to baseball caps, beanies, and even custom hoodiesCustom t-shirts and custom hats featuring puff embroidery create a stylish image for your team or customers while promoting your brand.

Where Puff Embroidery Excels

Knowing where puff embroidery works best can help you make wise decisions for your brand. Puff embroidery notably shines on caps and hats as the structural integrity of the foam holds up well under the curved surface. Furthermore, the prominent 3D effect generated by puff embroidery is perfect for showcasing logos or simple text-based designs. Utilizing these aspects ensures your branding leaves a lasting impression, giving it the wow factor it deserves.


Where To Get It Done

Are you searching for top-notch embroidery services? If you are in Ottawa, consider Printwell’s Ottawa embroidery services. 

In Summary..

Boost your brand image by leveraging the power of puff embroidery. By understanding and implementing this unique design technique, you can wow clients and distinguish your business from the competition. Businesses should be aware of the influence of puff embroidery; it holds immense potential to elevate their brand identity, engage clients and ultimately enhance their success.


Demystifying Puff Embroidery: What Is Puff Embroidery?

For anyone keen on elevating the style of their embroidered apparel, understanding the concept of puff embroidery is crucial. This creative technique adds depth, dimension, and an undeniable “wow” factor to your design. Let’s dive in!

What is Puff Embroidery?

3D puff embroidery, simply put, is a technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional feel to your embroidery designs. The result? A vivid, tactile design that literally “stands out”.

This is a favoured way to add an extra special touch for businesses looking to create branded merchandise or event souvenirs.

Puff Embroidery on Hats

custom hats ottawa

Hats, especially caps, are perfect for showcasing puff embroidery. Since hats are durable and capable of withstanding puff embroidery, the results create eye-catching details perfect for logos or brand names.

Shop For Custom Hats 

Puff Embroidery on Hoodies and Sweaters

custom hoodies ottawa

Puff embroidery offers a unique way to add an embossed logo or design to hoodies and sweaters, adding a cozy and plush feel to your winter apparel. Remember that you should opt for sturdy fabrics that can handle the weight and pressure of this type of embroidery.

Shop For  Sweaters

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Puff Embroidery vs Traditional Embroidery: The Added Advantages

While traditional embroidery has it’s own timeless charm, puff embroidery introduces a unique element that could add character to your apparel or accessories. Let’s consider some benefits of opting for puff:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal:

It optimizes thread work to create a three-dimensional design, adding depth and texture for an enhanced visual appeal.

  1. Tangible Texture:

The raised texture, achieved by inserting foam under the stitches, allows your design to be seen and felt. This tangible quality is not generally associated with traditional embroidery.

  1. Increased Visibility:

Because of its raised effect, it is much more noticeable and visible, even from a distance. This makes it an excellent choice for branding- hats, shirts, or hoodies.

  1. Durability:

Because of its technique, it is generally more durable than traditional flat embroidery. The stitches are made through the foam and fabric, making it more resistant to the wear and tear of daily use.

  1. Customization:

The ability to control the degree of ‘puffiness’ allows more customization than regular embroidery. You can vary the amount of foam used to create various visual effects, tailoring the design to match your vision perfectly.

Whether you choose traditional embroidery or decide to branch out with 3D embroidery, you’re adding a personal touch that increases the value and appeal of your product. Consider your project’s needs, aesthetics, and function when choosing your embroidery style.

Get Started With Embroidery

Ready to immerse yourself into the world of embroidery? We are here to help. At Printwell, we offer comprehensive embroidery services. Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to expand your existing embroidery skills, our experienced team can guide you.

Let’s take your designs to the next level. We’re ready when you are. Contact Printwell today for all your embroidery needs!


Branded Swag Kit: How To Create a Branded Experience

What is Company Swag?

Company swag refers to customized, branded merchandise or promotional items curated by a firm. They efficiently represent the brand’s identity while serving as a subtle yet effective marketing tool in the business world. These items, when given to employees, clients, or partners, help propagate a brand’s values and culture more than just a logo or a tagline ever could.

Why Your Business Needs Branded Swag

Branded swag isn’t just a trend; it is a powerful marketing and branding strategy. The exposure and reach it provides a brand are vast and influential. By having a physical reminder of your brand, you harness the opportunity to instill brand identity and loyalty among clients, partners, and especially employees. With the digital world cluttered with ads, brand swag breaks through the noise, offering a genuine, tactile connection with your brand.

How To Create A Company-Branded Swag Kit

What to Include in Your Company Kit

Creating a swag kit is an art. It needs to reflect your brand’s ethos and culture while being useful so that it doesn’t get thrown out like flyers and pamphlets. Consider incorporating these items:

  • Custom tote/bag – Eco-friendly, functional tote bags make for a practical swag item.
  • Hats – Wear branded hats casually & increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Bottles – Hydrate with style; reusable water bottles are a green choice and give your brand active visibility.
  • T-shirts and Hoodies – Comfortable branded clothing can be worn as a uniform or casual wear.
  • Business cards – A well-designed business card makes a professional impression at meetings.
  • Mugs – A daily-use item, branded cups keep your brand consistent in the office and home.
  • Stickers – Branded stickers can adorn laptops, bags, and other items, offering continuous exposure.
  • Other Items – Jacketspensembroidered and screen printed items are classic swag materials that are indisputably effective.

Benefits of Branded Swag

Branded swag is not just about marketing but also about creating a healthy, happy work environment and strengthening relationships. Some benefits include:

  • Improving morale – Everyone appreciates a gift, and branded swag can boost employee morale.
  • Reinforcing employee recognition – Gifting memorable swag to high-performing employees can serve as recognition of their efforts.
  • Enhancing onboarding experiences – Swag kits can make the onboarding process more memorable for new hires, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Protecting and maintaining company culture – It keeps employees connected to the brand, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Demonstrating client appreciation – A thoughtful swag kit can work as a token of gratitude towards loyal clients.

 Swag Kits for Different Audiences

Here are some ideas for personalized swag kits according to the recipient:

For Employees

  • New Hire Swag Kit – A warm welcome to your company culture
  • Holiday-Inspired Swag Kits – Celebratory moments during the festive seasons
  • Employee Appreciation Swag Kits – Recognize employees’ effort and contribution.
  • Work From Home/Remote Work Swag Bundle – Homely yet professional items for the remote work setting.

For Clients

  • Client Appreciation – Thank them with a branded souvenir.
  • Client Onboarding – Start a successful working relationship with a thoughtful gesture.
  • Client Outreach – Strengthen your relationship with clients.

For Partners

  • Partner Onboarding – Begin a fruitful partnership with a bang.
  • Partner Celebration – Cherish milestones and celebrate success together.
  • Relationship Building – Maintain your affiliation with a constant reminder of collaboration.

How to Create Branded Swag Items for Your Clients or Employees

Creating perfect branded swag is an iterative process. We recommend you work with a custom print shop like Printwell to ensure high-quality customizations. At Printwell, we meticulously reflect your brand’s image and ethos with superior-quality products.

Contact Printwell’s professional team to create the perfect swag for your business today!

Printwell Custom Printed Products and branded swag kits

Custom Printing For Clothing and Fashion Brands

Are you looking for custom printing solutions to improve your fashion and clothing brand and increase brand recognition? Adding value through custom printing and promo items can be the key to standing out in a crowded industry. Let’s discuss the benefits of custom apparel, the importance of unique designs, and how partnering with a custom print shop can help you achieve your brand’s business objectives. Let’s take a look at the benefits of custom printing for clothing and fashion brands.


The Benefits of Custom Apparel Printing For Clothing and Fashion Brands

Custom apparel and swag, such as hoodies, t-shirts and mugs, can significantly impact brand awareness and recognition. When your customers wear your brand’s clothing, they become walking billboards and advocates for your brand. Not only does this increase your company’s visibility, but it also sparks conversations and word-of-mouth marketing. Unique designs and artwork on custom apparel serve as icebreakers and help create buzz around your brand or message.

Here are the benefits of custom printing for clothing and fashion brands:


Creating Unique DesignsPrintwell offers custom printing solutions for brands across Canada

One of the main advantages of custom apparel is the ability to create unique designs that align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience. It allows you to stand out from competitors in a crowded fashion industry. By creating fun and unique custom apparel, you can easily set yourself apart and make a long-lasting impression on your customers.


Designs that Reflect Your Brand’s Values

Custom apparel also allows you to create designs that reflect your brand’s values and message. Fashion and clothing brands often have a story to tell, and custom apparel can be a powerful medium for storytelling. Whether raising awareness for a social cause, promoting sustainability, or expressing your brand’s personality, custom designs provide an amazingly interactive way to showcase your brand’s mission and values.


Brand Promotion and Visibility

In addition to creating unique designs, custom apparel is a powerful promotional tool! Customers who literally wear your brand merch, shirts, hoodies, or hats become brand ambassadors. The extended reach of brand’s exposure through custom apparel is immense. It generates interest, engages potential customers, and spreads the word about your brand.


Customer Engagement and Loyalty

By offering branded merchandise and clothing, you give your customers a sense of belonging and identity. They become part of your brand’s story and proudly wear your apparel. This emotional connection leads to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Custom apparel can also be used as rewards in loyalty programs or giveaways, further incentivizing customer engagement and loyalty.


Choosing the Right Custom Print Shop

When creating custom apparel, choosing the right custom print shop is crucial. Look for a print shop that can meet your specific needs and goals. Evaluate different options, compare services and prices, and consider the experience and reputation of the print shop. Working with a trusted and experienced print shop ensures high-quality products and a smooth partnership.

reach out to Printwell for Custom Printing solutions for your business

How to Design Your Custom Apparel

Designing custom apparel requires careful consideration. Take into account your brand identity, target audience, and desired message. Create eye-catching designs that align with your brand’s values and mission. Choose the right colours, fonts, and images that represent your brand effectively. A professional custom print shop can provide guidance and insights to help you create impactful designs.


Types of Custom Apparel Products and Fashion Items You Can Get With A Print Shop

Custom apparel covers a wide range of merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags. Each apparel type has pros and cons regarding materials, designs, and cost. Consider your target audience and the purpose of the apparel when selecting the right kind. Your custom print shop can help you understand the options and make informed decisions.


Partnership Benefits and Process

Partnering with a custom print shop to produce custom apparel offers several benefits. It is cost-effective, especially with print-on-demand and dropshipping services. The custom print shop handles the production, logistics and fulfillment, which allows you to focus on the core of your business. Additionally, print-on-demand and dropshipping services ensure faster turnaround and minimal inventory management.


This partnership usually involves some design consultation, where the printing experts guide you through the design and production process. Once the designs are final, the print shop handles the printing, packaging, and shipping.


To Sum It Up

Don’t just take our word for it. Many fashion and clothing brands have successfully used custom apparel for brand promotion, marketing campaigns, and collaborations. They have witnessed the positive outcomes and achievements of partnering with a custom print shop. Satisfied customers have seen increased brand awareness, improved customer engagement, and strengthened brand loyalty through custom apparel.


Partnering with a custom print shop to create custom apparel can bring your fashion and clothing brand to new heights. The unique designs, brand promotion and visibility, customer engagement and loyalty all contribute to the success of your brand. By carefully selecting a custom print shop, designing eye-catching apparel, and utilizing different types of merchandise, your brand can leave a lasting impression and make a statement.


Ready to take your fashion and clothing brand to the next level with custom apparel and merchandise?

Look no further! Partner with Printwell, Canada’s leading print shop with modern embroidery, screen printing and other print technology. From t-shirts and hats to hoodies and mugs, Printwell has got you covered! Get in touch now to start your custom printing journey and elevate your brand like never before!

Printwell Canada has one of the best reseller programs for businesses across Canada. Learn more about our reseller program here.



Embroidery Printing: How to Create the Best Designs

Expert Tips for Creating the Best Designs For Embroidery Printing

Embroidery Printing by Printwell

Embroidery printing is a popular way to add a personal touch to clothing and other textiles. Whether designing custom t-shirts for your business, embroidered logos or creating a one-of-a-kind gift, the right embroidery design can make all the difference. But with so many different embroidery techniques and design options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That’s where we come in. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips and guidelines for creating the best designs for embroidery printing. Following these expert recommendations, you can create custom apparel that stands out and showcases your unique style.

  1. Start with a clear idea. Before you begin designing, take some time to think about what you want your embroidery to look like. Consider the intended recipient, the purpose of the embroidery, and any specific details you want to include. A clear idea of what you want your embroidery to achieve will help you create a design that meets your needs.
  2. Use high-quality artwork. Poor-quality artwork will result in poor-quality embroidery, so using high-resolution images and clean lines in your design is essential. If you’re not confident in your design skills, consider hiring a professional designer to create the artwork for you.
  3. Keep it simple. While it’s tempting to include as many details as possible in your embroidery design, it’s important to remember that embroidery works best with simple, bold lines. Avoid using too many colours or overly complicated patterns, as these can be difficult to recreate in embroidery. Stick to a few key elements and let the embroidery speak for itself.
  4. Test your design. Before committing to a final design, consider testing it on a small scale. This will allow you to see how the embroidery looks and make any necessary adjustments. You can test different colour combinations, font sizes, and other elements to see what works best.
  5. Choose the right embroidery technique. There are several different techniques for embroidery printing, each with its unique look and feel. Some popular options include chain stitch, satin stitch, and appliqué. Consider the style and feel of your design, and choose an embroidery technique that will best showcase it. Talk to your local printer to learn more about their embroidery printing techniques.
Ottawa Shirt Printing

By following these tips, you can create the best designs for embroidery printing and add a personalized touch to any textile. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, these guidelines will help you create designs you can be proud of. Contact your local embroidery printing services provider to learn more about how you can ensure that your design gets embroidered as best as possible.

Are you looking for Ottawa Embroidery Services? Get in touch with Printwell Canada!

Embroidered Logos: Benefits For Business

Reasons why you should consider embroidered logos for your business

Reasons why you should consider embroidered logos

Embroidered logos are a great way to promote your business. They look professional, they’re durable, and they can be cheaper than you think. An embroidery is an art form. It’s a skill that takes years to develop, but when done well, it can make your logo look completely professional and polished. Keep on reading to learn the benefits of having embroidered logos on your business apparel.

1. Embroidered logos are professional

Embroidered logos are professional. These types of promotional products are perfect for any business, regardless of its size or industry. They’re great for those who want to show off their brand stylishly.

In addition embroidery can be considered an option for any business. They come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider embroidering your company logo on something that will help promote your brand!

Furthermore, embroidered logos are a good way to show off your logo. Having an embroidered logo on hand is a great way to display it proudly and confidently at events such as trade shows or conventions!

2. Embroidered logos are durable

Embroidered logos are extremely durable. This is because the threads are sewn into the garment, which makes them more difficult to rip out and causes them to last longer than other types of logos. Embroidered logos can also withstand washing and stay intact, as they’re not simply printed on top of a shirt’s fabric like screen printing or heat transfer methods.

3. Embroidered logos have a higher perceived value

You’re a business owner who wants to put your best foot forward. You want your logo to look as professional as possible, but you don’t have the time or resources to spend on a printed logo. Or maybe you already have a printed logo that needs some touching up: an embroidered logo will make it look new again.

Embroidered logos are more expensive than printed logos because they require more time and skill on behalf of the designer/embroiderer who makes them. Part of what gives them this higher perceived value is that they tend to last longer than other methods because they aren’t subject toas much wear and tear from constant use in one place (like screen printing).

The fact remains: a well-made embroidered piece looks great on display and will likely last for years without losing its charm or fading away into oblivion as soon as it comes off the machine (in contrast with sublimated transfers which fade over time).

4. Embroidered logo clothing may be cheaper than you think

Embroidered logo clothing is often cheaper than you think. The price of embroidered logos depends on the size of your logo and how much space it takes up. If you have a small logo, then you’ll pay less for it than if your company has a huge one. The price of embroidery also depends on the material used to make them (e.g., cotton vs polyester).

In summary: embroidered logos are great for business!

There are several reasons why embroidered logos are great for business.

  • They’re Professional. If you want your business to be taken seriously, then it’s important to present yourself as such. Embroidered logos can help create an image that is more refined and professional than a printed logo would give off.
  • They’re Durable. Embroidery is a durable method of applying a logo to clothing because the stitching will not come undone from washing or wearing, like screen printing or vinyl lettering over time.
  • They Have A Higher Perceived Value Because Of Their Durability And Professional Appearance.
  • Embroidered Clothing May Be Cheaper Than You Think

If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote your brand name or logo on shirts, caps and jackets, consider having these items custom embroidered at an embroidery shop near you!

Ottawa Shirt Printing

Create your own custom embroidered clothing!

We hope this article has helped you to understand the many benefits of logo embroidery for business. They are a great way to get your brand out and make it stand out. If you haven’t already, then now is the time to start thinking about getting your own custom logo wear!

Are you thinking of incorporating a custom-embroidered logo into your clothing? At Printwell, we’re able to add embroidered logos to custom t-shirts in Ottawa, custom hoodies and sweaters, custom apparel and much more!

We work with a wide range of customers and have built up a reputation as a reliable company that delivers high-quality Ottawa Embroidery services. We understand that every project is different and works hard to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the outcome.

Whether you’re looking for an embroidered logo on a t-shirt or hoodie, we can help you create the perfect piece of clothing for your business needs.

5 Reasons Why Ottawa/Montreal Businesses Need Embroidery

5 Reasons Why Businesses in Ottawa and Montreal Need Custom Embroidery 

Turn heads and stand out from the crowd with professional embroidery for your business or event. Develop a memorable image for your Ottawa or Montreal brand with top-quality, custom embroidery designed to enhance your company’s presence.  

Embroidery is a versatile form of decoration that blends modern, high-technology equipment with ancient, skilled techniques. It is an old and traditional way to decorate fabrics and embellish clothing. But recently, there has been a revival in Ottawa and Montreal for embroidered products for several reasons.  

Ottawa and Montreal are known for their vibrant culture and are full of events where having embroidered clothing can help your brand stand out. It can also help you provide a cohesive, professional look for your employees if you own a business in Ottawa. Suppose you’re looking to build a business in Ottawa or just looking to create some promotional marketing materials for your event. In that case, embroidery is the way to go.

What is Embroidery and why should businesses in Ottawa and Montreal care? 

Embroidery is the process of using a needle to create a stitched design on a piece of fabric. It provides a touch of class and can help your Ottawa or Montreal-based business or event stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for something unique for your business, consider embroidery. 

What’s the difference between Embroidery and Screen Printing? 

Sometimes, a screen print just won’t cut it. For those times, we offer custom embroidery! 

Screen printing is a printing technique done on top of the fabric. Embroidery is a method where the design is actually stitched into the material. 

The main advantage of embroidery is that it creates a design that stands out from the fabric itself. This creates a 3D effect that’s great for customers who are looking for something with more detail or dimension than screen printing can provide. The biggest drawback is that it takes more time to create than screen printing.  

5 Reasons Your Ottawa or Montreal-based Business or Event Should Use Embroidery. 

1) Embroidery is perfect for your Ottawa/Montreal Business uniforms, clothes and apparel 

Embroidery is fantastic for custom clothing and apparel, such as custom hats and custom t-shirts. It can be used for your next trade show or marketing campaign. 

Custom embroidered apparel can be a powerful way to market your business, brand, or event. The right embroidery will help you stand out in a crowd. Embroidered apparel can also be a great way to create a sense of unity amongst employees. You can use custom embroidered workwear and uniforms to motivate employees and increase productivity. And it’s not just for adults, embroidered school uniforms are gaining popularity with parents who want their kids to look sharp on the playground and in the classroom. 

2) Embroidery looks excellent on thicker material 

Embroidery is a great way to make your logo stand out. While it can be done on thinner materials, it looks best on thicker materials like sweatpants, custom jackets, custom sweaters, blankets, and more. Looking for a classy yet contemporary look to get your logo seen? Then embroidery is definitely the way to go. 

3) Get creative with embroidery and make unique designs that will help your Ottawa/Montreal business stand out

When you think about it, embroidery is like tattooing your clothes. It’s a way to put your personal mark on something and make it distinctly yours. When you go out into the world wearing your embroidered name or favourite catchphrase, you’re sharing a little piece of yourself with everyone who sees you. 

4) Embroidery is durable and weather-resistant 

Embroidery is a beautiful, elegant way to make your logo or message stand out. 

But you may be thinking: what if the embroidery wears out? What if it fades over time? 

We’re here to tell you that those worries are in the past. With modern embroidery printing techniques and materials, you can rest assured that your logo will last as long as possible. Whether sitting in a sunny window or being dragged through the dirt on a construction site. 

5) Embroidery is professional looking and makes people think that you care about quality workmanship 

Embroidery is the perfect way to make a garment look professional and show off your own workmanship. 

Embroidering a shirt or jacket with your company’s logo makes it look more like a uniform—and business-like—than simply printing the logo. It also gives people the impression that you care about quality since embroidery is more challenging to do yourself than printing on a shirt. 

And if you’re using embroidery just for fun, it makes homemade clothing and items look even more special and well-made. 

So whether you’re looking to make your business more professional or just make your next sewing project look extra polished, embroidery is the way! 

Ottawa Shirt Printing

Where to get embroidery services in Ottawa and Montreal:

Ordering embroidery printouts in Ottawa or Montreal? We’ve got you covered. 

Get printouts with Printwell custom printing ottawa, your trusted specialists in online embroidery printing for your next embroidery project. Whether you’re looking to get an embroidery of a favourite picture, or something more unique like an embroidered piece of art for your home, Printwell can help make it happen. And because we specialize in online printing services, we offer unbeatable prices that other print shops just can’t compete with. 

So how does the process work? First, select what you’d like to get printed and upload your file to our website. Then, using our secure online payment system—which also accepts PayPal and Apple Pay—pay for your order. You’ll receive an email confirmation and be able to track the progress of your order through every step of the process. Once it’s ready to ship out, our reliable courier delivery service will bring it right to your door. It’s that easy! 

Whether you’re looking for custom embroidery or something else entirely—our specialty is custom printing services, so if you have a project idea in mind but aren’t sure how to make it happen, get in contact now at [email protected], and we’ll help you figure it out